John Knipp

Writer / Director


John is an established Filmmaker, Photographer, Composer, and Social Media Brand Consultant.

As a social media brand consultant Helping businesses find their unique story, John has collaborated with many notable brands including google, AMtrak, Samsonite, Keurig, Seamless, Gurney’s resort, Triumph Hotels, The restoration Hotel, Hotel Indigo, Soho Int’l Film Festival, and more.

A noted photographer, John has amassed a large catalog of work, stemming from his travels around the world. Having successful gallery showings in NYC and other cities, JOhn's photography was officially selected for 2017's "Born in baltimore film and Photography Festival", John's hometown.

As a composer, John has scored music for successful independent films and nationally televised commercials. In addition to composing, John has mixed audio for numerous films, commercials, web series, and podcasts.

His body of work in music, photography, and film, caught the eye of Google, where he now represents the company as their official brand ambassador, also joining their group of elite creatives on #Teampixel.

John's photography with google was showcased in the youtube house at 2018's sundance Film festival and featured on Google’s Instagram page seen by over 8 million people worldwide.

In 2017, John brought script to screen, when he co-wrote and directed his first film, shot in the appalachian mountains of western maryland, due for release in early 2019. John is currently in development, finalizing two more scripts "Crystal City" & "Black Dog Alley", slated for production 2019. he is also producing an immersive 360° storytelling campaign, aimed for area Non-Profits, and due to be completed by summer 2019.

John lives in brooklyn, ny.